What does a product configurator solve?

Summary of all benefits

Modern web presence

A modern web presence is crucial for the first impression of your company in the digital age. By integrating a 3D configurator, companies can offer their customers an interactive product customization that improves the user experience and increases visibility through SEO optimization. Learn more

Explain complex products

3D product configurators revolutionize the presentation of complex products by allowing customers to configure and visualize products in real-time. This facilitates the understanding of product functions and benefits and highlights special features. Learn more

No expensive and elaborate product photos

By using a 3D configurator, companies can forego costly and time-consuming photo shoots. Digital product visualizations allow for a flexible presentation of all product variants and facilitate the introduction of new products. Learn more

Automate sales

Product configurators automate the sales process in both B2C and B2B sectors by enabling efficient, error-free configuration and automatically generating quotes and technical documents. Learn more

Less communication needed

The automation and precise mapping of product logics in configurators minimize the need for frequent consultations between customers, sales, and engineers, which speeds up and simplifies the sales process. Learn more

Mapping product logics

The precise mapping of product logics in a configurator prevents configuration errors, enables targeted product recommendations, and checks the feasibility of customer configurations in real-time. Learn more

Upselling. Sell more products

A 3D configurator seamlessly integrates upselling into the purchasing process by visually appealingly presenting complementary products and accessories directly in the context of the main product, increasing the value of the customer purchase. Learn more