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CPQ. Configure. Price. Quote.

We accelerate and simplify the sales process with our product configurators. From appealing 2D & 3D visualizations, to mapping dependencies & logics, to the automatic generation of legally secure offers, order triggers & production plans.

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We integrate our solution into your software ecosystem.

Integration in your software ecosystem

At Newbeemountain, we understand that no two businesses are alike. That's why our CPQ software is designed to adapt to your specific processes and challenges. With unmatched flexibility, our solution molds to fit your needs, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow. Choose Newbeemountain for a CPQ solution that's as unique as your business.

CPQ Software Explanation

What is CPQ software?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote and is used to automate and simplify the quote generation process. With CPQ software, companies can capture their customers' requirements, configure the appropriate products, automatically calculate a price, and create a quote. This helps companies to create faster and more accurate quotes and to speed up the sales process.

Mapping Product Logics

Product logics define which product components are compatible with each other and under what conditions they work together.

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Error Reduction


Faster Quotes


Lower Sales Costs

Central Management

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