Fashion Configurator

Offer custom fashion with ease.

Our software allows your customers to design individual jerseys, tops, pants, bags, and more themselves - without any design knowledge! With our user-friendly 3D configurator, anyone can create their desired product in no time.

Tshirt Konfigurator Software
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Why Individualization is so Important

Product Customization as a Key Trend in E-Commerce

  • Customers want individual and tailored products
  • They increasingly want to express their personality in products
  • Over 50% are interested in custom-made products and are willing to pay more for them
Deloitte Studie Individualisierung

Made-to-order: The rise of mass personalization

Deloitte Consumer Review

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80% of companies primarily compete over customer experience

  • More and more customers find the shopping experience just as important as the product itself
  • Concrete ideas are clarified directly and need not be requested via email
  • Request without concrete information as a very big hurdle
  • A good customer journey is ideal for strong customer loyalty


Realizing the Benefits of Superior Customer Experience

A Gartner Trend Insight Report

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Nike By You

Since 2015, Nike has embraced the possibility of customizing shoes with 'Nike By You'. Originally limited to simple image adjustments, Nike now offers the world's leading 3D configurator for fashion. Major companies trust this technology. We offer the same high-quality solution for your company.

Nike By You Example

Far Ahead of Industry Standards

Offer your customers a unique user experience that they otherwise only know from global market leaders. Distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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Integration into Your Existing Ecosystem

Integration in Ihr bereits vorhandenes Ökosystem

Our tool integrates seamlessly into your existing ecosystem, accessing data from your shop system, CRM, or ERP and flexibly adapting to your design to ensure the best user experience. The examples shown are just a selection of the possibilities.

Plug & Play Solution

  • Get started immediately
  • No customization costs
  • We provide you with the configurator integrated with shop system
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100% Customizable to Your Wishes

  • We tailor our configurator to your desires
  • Integration into your existing system - connection to your shop system
  • Inclusion of tooltips, explanations, operating instructions, and other documents
  • We can add your products - whether T-shirts, pants, etc. Your design & pattern remains 100% intact
Nike By You Example

Jersey Configurator Demo

Try it out and see for yourself. Test our demo and design your desired jersey.

Improve your customers' shopping experience now with a 3D configurator.

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