How NewBeeMountain's 3D Configurator Transforms Your Bicycle Business

Manuel Wolf

Manuel Wolf

21.2.2024- 4 Min.

Bike Konfigurator


In the age of digitalization, customers are looking for interactive and personalized shopping experiences that meet their individual needs. NewBeeMountain leverages cutting-edge technology to enable customers to configure and visualize their dream bicycle in 3D across all devices - from mobile phones to tablets, PCs, and touchscreens in showrooms. This blog post will explore how our 3D configurator can transform your bicycle business.

Interactive Personalization to a New Level

With NewBeeMountain's 3D configurator, your customers can interactively adjust the size, colors, equipment, and accessories of their bicycles. This flexibility elevates the customer experience to a new level, allowing the uniqueness of each bicycle model to be highlighted through customized presentations. Whether you are looking for a bicycle configurator, an e-bike configurator, or specifically a cargo bike configurator, our tool offers a wide range of possibilities to meet every customer's needs.
bike configurator

Bike Configurator

Configure your own bike and experience it in 3D with our online bike configurator.

Boosting Business Success

Customers report a 50% increase in average order value, a 30% increase in quote requests, and 150% longer sessions on the website through the use of our 3D configurator. These impressive figures clearly demonstrate how effective the configurator is in engaging customers and boosting sales. Additionally, our tool offers opportunities for bicycle accessory upselling, further increasing the average order value.

Seamless Integration into Your Existing Ecosystem

A key advantage of our 3D configurator is its ability to seamlessly integrate into existing ecosystems. Whether your shop is based on WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Magnolia, or many others, our tool flexibly adapts to your design and ensures an optimal user experience. The integration allows direct access to data from your shop system, CRM, or ERP, simplifying product configuration and management.

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A Powerful Marketing Tool

Beyond impressive sales figures and improved customer retention, NewBeeMountain's 3D configurator also serves as an extremely effective marketing tool. Companies can use the configurator to create customized campaigns that highlight the unique and interactive purchasing experience. These campaigns can engage potential customers through social media and other digital platforms, increasing brand engagement and visibility. By creating shareable content that highlights individual user configurations, a viral marketing dynamic is generated, going far beyond traditional advertising strategies. This leads to increased brand awareness and deeper customer engagement by actively involving users in the design process of their bicycles, thus building a personal connection with the brand. NewBeeMountain's 3D configurator is not just a sales tool but also a key element in the marketing strategy of modern bicycle companies.


With its 3D configurator, NewBeeMountain offers a forward-looking solution in the bicycle market. This technology combines the latest developments with a user-friendly design to create a shopping experience that excites customers and helps companies significantly increase their sales. If you're interested in exploring how our 3D configurator can expand your bicycle business's offerings and enhance customer satisfaction, don't hesitate to schedule an initial consultation with us. We look forward to shaping the future of online bicycle retail together with you.

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