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Manuel Wolf

Manuel Wolf

10.6.2024- 3 Min.

Bester T-Shirt Konfigurator

In today's world, individuality is more in demand than ever. Whether in private life or in the professional environment, customized clothing is growing in popularity. Our innovative 3D T-Shirt Configurator allows you to fulfill exactly this desire for your customers. With our user-friendly software, your customers can design individual jerseys, tops, pants, bags, and much more – all without any design skills!

Custom Designs for Every Occasion

Our 3D T-Shirt Configurator offers a multitude of personalization options. Whether for company runs, team events, or advertising campaigns – with our software, you can easily print company shirts, personalize running shirts, or print promotional shirts. The application is so simple and intuitive that anyone can create their desired product in no time.

Integration of Your Own Designs

Another great advantage of our 3D T-Shirt Configurator is the ability to integrate your own models, textures, and designs. Do you already have a design or want to use your own texture? No problem! Our software allows you to seamlessly integrate individual models and textures to create unique clothing items.
bike configurator

Fashion Configurator

Offer custom fashion with ease. Our software allows your customers to design individual jerseys, tops, pants, bags, and more themselves - without any design knowledge.

Optimized for All Devices

Whether your customers want to use the configurator on a PC, tablet, or smartphone – our solution is optimized for all common devices. The responsive design ensures that the configurator is perfectly displayed on any screen, allowing flexible use and providing your customers with a seamless experience.

Adaptable to Your Business Processes

Our software is not only user-friendly but also flexibly adaptable. We know that every company has unique requirements. That's why our configurators and visualizations can be tailored exactly to your specific business processes and needs. This way, you get a customized solution that fits your company perfectly.

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Company Shirts for Team Events and Promotions

Especially for company shirts for team events like company runs, our configurator is the ideal solution. You can easily design company run shirts or company polo shirts that perfectly match the team and ensure a unified appearance. There are no limits to your creativity. Whether you want to personalize running shirts for your team or print promotional shirts – with our 3D T-Shirt Configurator, every project becomes a success.


Our 3D T-Shirt Configurator is the perfect solution for companies that want to offer their customers customized fashion. With the ability to create individual designs, integrate your own models and textures, and optimize for all devices, our software provides everything you need for successful and unique projects. Adapt the configurator to your business processes and benefit from the diverse applications – from company run shirts to promotional shirts. Start today and experience how easy and effective customized fashion can be.

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