Jersey Configurator


Interactive 3D textile configurator

Jersey Configurator

The Initial Situation

High Demand for Customized Textiles

Large Market for Personalized Shirts

Customized T-shirts, jerseys, and company shirts are in high demand across various sectors. Whether for events, marketing strategies, companies, or clubs, personalized clothing always stands out and strengthens identity. The market for such products is steadily growing, offering great potential.

Versatile Applications

From corporate events to sports clubs and private celebrations, personalized shirts are widely applicable. They serve not only as promotional items but also as uniform team apparel and keepsakes for special occasions.

Customer Demand: More Than Just Sending an Inquiry

Currently, many providers only offer the option to send an inquiry. Customers often cannot design themselves or visualize the final product. This leads to uncertainties and increased communication efforts.

The Current Process: Time-Consuming and Inflexible

Lack of Design Options

Without an interactive tool, customers cannot directly visualize their wishes. They have to rely on descriptions, often leading to misunderstandings and unmet expectations. A simple form is not sufficient.

Increased Communication Effort

After sending an inquiry, a lengthy process of emails and phone calls follows. Every design request needs to be discussed and adjusted manually, costing time and resources. This can significantly impact customer satisfaction.

Manual Implementation Steps

Implementing design requests is mostly manual, prone to errors, and time-consuming. Each step needs to be checked and confirmed, slowing down the process and increasing costs.


Initial Draft

1. Develop a Basic Concept

The first step was to develop a strong and consistent design concept. The goal was to find an appealing design language that is user-friendly and intuitive. We focused on identifying and meeting the key needs for jersey customization.

2. Identify Features

To develop the optimal features for our 3D jersey configurator, we analyzed numerous manufacturers of customizable teamwear, jerseys, corporate shirts, and running shirts. We examined what features they offer and how we can integrate them into our system. This ensured that our configurator can handle any request and meet high user expectations.

First Mockup

Next, we designed the web interface by creating a comprehensive UI/UX mockup. This mockup included all necessary functions of the configurator and ensured an intuitive user experience. We paid special attention to responsive design, ensuring that the configurator works optimally on all devices such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Fashion Configurator Mockup

Create 3D Shirts

To create the 3D models, we took the patterns of the desired T-shirts and developed three-dimensional T-shirts from them. This process is similar to sewing a real shirt together and ensures an accurate depiction of the clothing. We then 'dressed' the finished T-shirt by applying the 3D jersey to a person model, creating a realistic 3D model of the shirt with accurate fit and presentation.

T-Shirt Mockup V-Neck

Enable Customization

To enable full customization of the shirts, we integrated features for placing designs, patterns, colors, logos, numbers, names, and texts. Users can scale, move, and rotate these elements to find their desired positions. Our software allows for almost any design, so creativity has no limits, and each user can create their custom shirt according to their vision.

Fashion Configurator Mockup

Create Admin Interface & Patterns

To ensure maximum efficiency, our tool automatically generates patterns for the various parts of the jersey. With the push of a button, print-ready files in all sizes (e.g., S-XXL) are created, which can be sent directly to the producer. In the clear admin panel, all orders are visible in a dashboard. Popular designs and patterns can be viewed. Each order includes comprehensive information, a 3D viewer to view the finished product, and the ability to export the patterns.

The Solution

Nike By You Example

Jersey Configurator Demo

Try it out and see for yourself. Test our demo and design your desired jersey.

Improve your customers' shopping experience now with a 3D configurator.

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